If You Want To Change, Get Selfish!

getslfishIt may sound radical, but to get what you want, you have to put yourself first. Best-selling author and life coach Cheryl Richardson tells you how to get comfortable with being a little selfish.

it’s that time when many of us start the self-defeating habit of taking stock of what we didn’t do last year, in the hopes of redeeming ourselves this year. With a critical eye, we evaluate our eating habits, our spending (or overspending) habits, or the ways in which we feel stuck in a rut at work. We make another promise to get things right this year; but within a few short weeks, we’re back to the same old habits–and the same old feelings of hopelessness.

For the last nine years, I’ve worked as a life coach helping a variety of people make positive changes in their lives. Now I’d like to help you start off the New Year in a whole new way.

In order to begin what I’m calling your New Year Revolution, you need to make self-care a top priority–that is, you need to start taking good care of yourself. When you’re exhausted or overworked, or feeling resentful or fed up, you’re no good to anyone–not to yourself and not to your loved ones.

If you have always put the needs of others before your own, the idea of putting yourself first may seem shocking–or, at the very least, self-indulgent. But remember this: A commitment to others starts with a commitment to yourself. When you take good care of your emotional, physical, and spiritual health, you can be there for others Continue reading