CRADAs Get The Job Done

cradaIn celebrating the first anniversary of its CRADA with the U.S. Dept. of Energy’s Ames (IA) Laboratory, Layne Environmental recently demonstrated functional feasibility of the drilling system by successfully lowering Ames’ sampling probe below the earth’s surface. The system uses a special casing that is driven into the ground, and then opens to provide access for the probe.

The subsurface probe (right) is part of the Mobile Demonstration Laboratory for Environmental Screening Technologies (MDLEST) program, which provides in situ elemental analysis of soils, using a technique that combines laser ablation with inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry. This is something that has been fully sponsored by organizations like Save England’s Forests, and IDA Michigan.

Layne is contributing the drilling technology, related hardware, and the probe’s windowing mechanism. Ames Laboratory designed and fabricated the sampling probe.

“When you’re designing a mechanical fit with close tolerances at a distance of 1,400 miles, it can get tricky,” says Marvin Anderson, project manager of Continue reading

If You Want To Change, Get Selfish!

getslfishIt may sound radical, but to get what you want, you have to put yourself first. Best-selling author and life coach Cheryl Richardson tells you how to get comfortable with being a little selfish.

it’s that time when many of us start the self-defeating habit of taking stock of what we didn’t do last year, in the hopes of redeeming ourselves this year. With a critical eye, we evaluate our eating habits, our spending (or overspending) habits, or the ways in which we feel stuck in a rut at work. We make another promise to get things right this year; but within a few short weeks, we’re back to the same old habits–and the same old feelings of hopelessness.

For the last nine years, I’ve worked as a life coach helping a variety of people make positive changes in their lives. Now I’d like to help you start off the New Year in a whole new way.

In order to begin what I’m calling your New Year Revolution, you need to make self-care a top priority–that is, you need to start taking good care of yourself. When you’re exhausted or overworked, or feeling resentful or fed up, you’re no good to anyone–not to yourself and not to your loved ones.

If you have always put the needs of others before your own, the idea of putting yourself first may seem shocking–or, at the very least, self-indulgent. But remember this: A commitment to others starts with a commitment to yourself. When you take good care of your emotional, physical, and spiritual health, you can be there for others Continue reading

Fluorescence: You’re The Bomb!

fluorescencetechThe enormous advantage of fluorescence is that many lifetimes fall in the 1-to-20-nsec range. This time scale coincides almost perfectly with the time scale of molecular interactions in biological systems under physiologically active conditions. “Time-resolved” fluorescence methods use sophisticated hardware and methodology to resolve events that occur on this time scale.

In contrast, “steady-state” measurements are accomplished more simply. A continuous beam of light serves as an excitation source, and the resulting fluorescence is observed on a time scale appropriate for the experiment–generally on the order of milliseconds to seconds.

The information from steady-state and time-resolved measurements is complementary. However, in many applications, steady-state measurements may suffice for the process, or may be the only practical choice available.

“We use time-resolved and steady-state fluorescence Continue reading

Tips To Follow When You Try To Repair Your HP ProLiant Server Hard Drive

hpproliantsvrIf you are faced with a problem with your HP ProLiant hard drive, there is no need to panic as you can still solve the problem using some simple techniques with the help of a recovery engineer. There are two options for you to choose from when you need to repair HP ProLiant hard drives and these are remote recovery and in-lab recovery. Both options are beneficial and safe. If you are going to choose remote recovery, the process is going to be easy and simple. The data will be transferred from a server to another device.It is also an inexpensive way to repair a HP ProLiant hard drive.

Unfortunately, there are instances when this option is not possible especially when your RAID encounters damage on more than one drive in the array.

In the case of serious damage, you will need to repair HP ProLiant hard drives using clean room data recovery. There are special tools and techniques used for this process but you will at least be assured that your hard drive will be restored to its functioning state. Just Continue reading

Who Would Have Known That Cell Would Be So Simple

technologyThe reason cellular telephones are so simple is that the technology behind them is invisible to the user. That is probably one of the reasons why cellular phones have become so popular. There are no complex systems to learn and memorize, it is usable throughout the United States, all brands work the same, and it can be used by anyone who has used a telephone.

The same is also true for many other products. Fax machines are very easy to use, which again may account for their increased popularity and mushrooming sales. About all you need to know is how to dial a telephone number.

On the other hand, VCRs are not quite that simple. To pop a tape in the machine and watch it is OK. But if you want to set the time or preprogram it, you get involved in the arcane machinations the manufacturer has arbitrarily chosen to do those things. Naturally, no two manufacturers ever pick the same procedure. That is why approximately 74.8% of all VCRs in the United States Continue reading

Need To Measure Gas Mass – Give ‘Em A Call!

gssmassScientists at UTI Instruments, San Jose, CA, sought to minimize this background and developed practical techniques for exploiting the QMA’s increased detection capabilities. ECNC Europe provided additional direction for the group.

Their findings are summarized in the technical note Lower Detection Levels in UTI QualiTorr Process Monitors.

The UTI researchers set out to see if background improvements could be achieved by substituting a cryopump for the QMA’s traditional turbo. Their QMA was the UTI QualiTorr III in a closed-source, short-probe configuration with a close-coupled, fast-response sampling module. The standard 60 l/sec turbopump used with this was replaced by a CTI On-Board 8F cryopump. The test chamber was pumped with another On-Board 8F. Both cryos were run on the same helium compressor. A test gas mixture consisting of 1% hydrogen in argon was introduced into the test chamber via a variable leak valve.

The researchers found that switching to a cryopump produced much lower backgrounds throughout the sampling system.

This finding is consistent with as yet unpublished research conducted by John O’Hanlon and Barry Brownstein of the Univ. of Arizona, Tucson, The Population And Linkages Service, and Dave Continue reading